Al Bradley – Ataraxia [preview]

It is with great pleasure and honor that we announce the release of a single from 3AM Recordings label boss Al Bradley. He has been a great supporter for Scandalo and now we have his unique sound and vibe wrapped in two killer tracks that got us grooving from the first time we got our hands on them; we deeply hope you like them as much as we like when we play them on our parties.

Bassino Treblinsky – Tempo [preview]

“Tempo” is the debut of Bassino Treblinsky in music production. The single brings two original tracks inspired by the so called Dub Techno. Bassino’s signature sound is not restricted to the conventions of the style and shows his great care for complex atmospheric layers typical of Dub and Ambient. “Tempo” (Time or Weather in Portuguese) relates to climate events that Bassino inserts on the listener mind. Both tracks can be listened to on the couch or on the dance floor.
Bassino Treblinsky is a new name but one that you will hear more often from now on. He has already got a strong style with a mixture of naïve sounds of old-school Techno and layers of vintage synthesizers.

Nato Medrado – Go Back [Preview]

Taken from Mannix review on DMC World Magazine:
“Sometimes you come across a tune and you think “Woow, why haven’t I heard from this artist before or why doesn’t she/he release on the biggest labels of the genre they represent? Not often this does happen, but it does. The sweet Scandalo Music label has just delivered a huge two tracker from Brazil’s rising star Nato Medrado which falls exactly into this category. The title track ‘Go Back’ is a wonderful pounding masterpiece full of energy with elements from Techno, Deepest House and even Trance melted together into one magical journey. The story continues with the second cut, ‘Raw Track’ which still contains the above mentioned styles, but is structured a little bit rougher and rawer, just like it says on the tin.
Watch the awesome break there!
All in all I’m quite sure we will hear a lot of Nato in the future, superb EP there!”

Tessuto & Palazzo [preview]

Two of the best upcoming producers from Brazil are together for an hypnotic blend of Techno and Deep sounds. Tessuto is also known for his moniker Carlos Capslock and is responsible for the best underground parties from São Paulo (Brazil).

O.O.R.S. – B1000 [preview]

O.O.R.S. is back again at Scandalo with a great selection of simply raw and straight House beats. Simplicity here means these tracks do not offer the over produced and over processed plastic sounds of some heartless songs. Here are three beautiful soulful with the basics that makes great House tunes.

Manni – Smooth [preview]

Manni’s Smooth ep is the latest offering from Brazilian label Scandalo. This is a record which shows their exceptional ear for finding great original pieces of electronic music, records that inventively push at the boundary’s whilst remaining totally relevant.
This EP is full of funk and flavor, as diverse in style as it is constantly groovin. The title track Smooth, opens this ep with recognizable vocals, swinging house grooves and a luscious Rhodes pattern keeping things flowing effortlessly. A catchy track that really hooks you into the EP.
Funky groove comes correct as the 2nd track on the ep, flipping the warmth of the previous tracks Rhodes into a slap bass funk frenzy. Clever percussion programming really adds to the originality of this record. Think a computerized Stevie Wonder with a 4×4 spine and you are getting close.
Z dog closes the 3 tracker off with a familiar Manni cornerstone of a funky ass bline. Shivers of classy 80’s synth pop riffs lick through the almost filter house bassline all adding up to what amounts to a wonderfully playful and energetic track
Strong stuff from an impressive label.

L_cio – Birds/Vessel [preview]

L_cio is the moniker of Laércio Schwantes. He has been gaining attention in the last three years after he brought the transversal flute to his live sessions. Playing the flute over his impulsive, hypnotic and somehow dramatic beats raised attention from the likes of Portable and Pautrice Baumel. He has played the instrument on some tracks from both artists as well as released some of his works on Archipel.
We present the very essence of L_cio with this two track single release including “Birds” and “Vessel”. Both tracks show L_cio masterclass in the building of suspense, with the tense rhythmic backbone and the synth motifs teased and manipulated into a succesion of juddering climaxes that will have dancefloors positively rapt.