Nato Medrado – Go Back [Preview]

Taken from Mannix review on DMC World Magazine:
“Sometimes you come across a tune and you think “Woow, why haven’t I heard from this artist before or why doesn’t she/he release on the biggest labels of the genre they represent? Not often this does happen, but it does. The sweet Scandalo Music label has just delivered a huge two tracker from Brazil’s rising star Nato Medrado which falls exactly into this category. The title track ‘Go Back’ is a wonderful pounding masterpiece full of energy with elements from Techno, Deepest House and even Trance melted together into one magical journey. The story continues with the second cut, ‘Raw Track’ which still contains the above mentioned styles, but is structured a little bit rougher and rawer, just like it says on the tin.
Watch the awesome break there!
All in all I’m quite sure we will hear a lot of Nato in the future, superb EP there!”